Storied Orlando – Chapter Two: Tylenol

Storied Orlando
Chapter Two: Tylenol

The birds hoped their visits and their song showed her their gratitude. The young woman was their savior. They watched through her kitchen window as she mixed the dollar store cat food with stuff from small capsules. Before sunrise, she would distribute the tins around the neighborhood, wearing a tightly-pulled ballcap and rubber gloves throughout the task. The terrible beasts would eat, then disappear. A 3.7 tattoo on her wrist represented the billions of birds killed by ferals each year. Her late birdwatching husband told her this. She liked the birds well enough, but this mission was for him.

Storied Orlando is a short-short story project by Scottie Campbell. Each story is 100 words or less. Some of the stories are lovely, some less so, but they all want to be told. 

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