Storied Orlando – Chapter 33: Baptism

Storied Orlando
Chapter 33: Baptism

Today, Jim turned thirty-three. He spent the night with the man he loves, though he hasn’t told him yet. Now, he stood in the living room of his house, the house he rented with his wife. Tears seeped through his buzz, courtesy of uncounted craft cocktails at Guesthouse. When would this lie end? Jim knew he had the courage — he would prove it right now. He walked out of his Fern Creek bungalow toward the John Long Pool, shedding clothes as he went. He clumsily scaled the fence, tossed his Calvins aside, then dove into cool, chlorinated, baptismal water.

Storied Orlando is a short-short story project by Scottie Campbell. Each story is 100 words or less. Some of the stories are lovely, some less so, but they all want to be told. 

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