Storied Orlando – Chapter 42: Skullcap

Storied Orlando
Chapter 42: Skullcap

David wondered how the young man could wear that maroon skullcap in the Florida heat. He stole glances across the Quest lobby of his perfectly sparsely scruffed thin face while the guy — was he a hipster? — looked at his phone. “Blake, you can take this down the hall to the restroom.” Unobserved, David observed Blake’s perky, denim-clad butt as it left the room. A urine sample, David imagined Blake was a druggie badboy. Soon David was leaving the phlebotomist’s chair, when he spied Blake’s sample unattended in a cheap plastic basket. Unnoticed, he slipped it into his bag and left.

Storied Orlando is a short-short story project by Scottie Campbell. Each story is 100 words or less. Some of the stories are lovely, some less so, but they all want to be told. 

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