Storied Orlando – Chapter 46: Handmade

Storied Orlando
Chapter 46: Handmade

Kay couldn’t believe her eyes. Her high school nemesis Beth, fifty years later. Aware her breathing changed, Kay flashbacked to late ‘60s Winter Park High when Beth Hansen (now Mrs. Eisenach, apparently) and her clique would check the labels in Kay’s clothes during gym class, confirming they were not brand; Kay’s mom had handmade them. How lucky that Kay had not called in today, as she had been tempted. She would have missed checking-in Beth, the college grad, to a job fair. Welcome to karma, bitch, thought Kay. The most promising prospect inside is third shift at Taco Bell.

Storied Orlando is a short-short story project by Scottie Campbell. Each story is 100 words or less. Some of the stories are lovely, some less so, but they all want to be told.

This chapter is for L.K.S. & C.M.F.

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