Storied Orlando – Chapter 54: Sunrise

Storied Orlando
Chapter 54: Sunrise

Ryan arrived at Mills Park in the still-dark hours of morning fearing the overzealous parking nazis had towed him. Ironically he was waiting for tow; so different when you request one. Deep in his textbook, he didn’t see her appear. Your friendly parking lot lesbian he thought, as she offered help. Ryan smiled at her gnome-like outfit, unsurprised when her name turned out to be Jam. He noticed the sunrise as he thanked her, explaining help was en route. He turned back, she was gone. Ryan overlooked the nearby stone bearing a remarkable resemblance to the woman he just met.

Storied Orlando is a micro story project by Scottie Campbell. Each story is 100 words or less. Some of the stories are lovely, some less so, but they all want to be told.

For B.C.



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