Storied Orlando – Chapter 57: Toy

Storied Orlando
Chapter 57: Toy

His wife put the dog toy on his nightstand, Gary assumed. Why did it make him uneasy? He remembered all those years ago buying the silly, rotund, rubbery, ever-happy-with-a-shit-eating-grin elephant for Mitty at some chain pet store on Orlando’s eastside. It was the only toy Mitty didn’t destroy. He actually cherished the damn thing, so much so they referred to it as Mitty’s baby. Gary smiled recalling how the dog wouldn’t go to sleep without it by his side. Reminiscing, he thought it a crime they didn’t bury it with Mitty. “Wait,” he said, realization meeting his unease. “We did.”

Storied Orlando is a micro story project by Scottie Campbell. Each story is 100 words or less.

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