Storied Orlando – Chapter 58: Cathy

Storied Orlando
Chapter 58: Cathy

From her unseen perch in a flowering orange tree, Cathy spied on her neighbors, new to Audubon Park. She’d taken an instant dislike to the young, painfully Winter Park, hetero couple. “They’re so white and so straight,” she’d complained to a friend; said friend kindly pointed out Cathy too was both those things. In the tree she could candidly confess to envy; the twenty-somethings, half her age, had each other. More to the point, that snooty bitch had him. He of the bearded face and silky basketball shorts, worn commando. She wondered if he’d ever climbed with an older woman.

Storied Orlando is a micro story project by Scottie Campbell. Each story is 100 words or less.

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